Žiga Faganel (photo: Andrej Grilc)

Žiga Faganel is a wonderful violinist and creative musician from Ljubljana. Besides being inspired by beautiful music he loves spending time behind the stove creating new recipes based on Italian old classics.

The testimonials about Žiga from our students perhaps say more than his biography:

“Žiga is one of the most gifted and kind individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is a wonderful musician – I will never forget his impromptu performance of a solo sonata by Tartini on the last evening in Popiglio. The only things to match his playing are his culinary skills in the kitchen. Out of this world” (Duncan)

“Spontaneous, creative and generous. He is a passionate musician, who shares his love of art through his cooking and wonderful music playing…”

“Žiga, the wonderful chef and violinist at The Thinking Musician, brings the idea of everything happening in the moment, which we discuss in the performance classes to the kitchen. This makes preparing dinner a very creative experience and Žiga is great at guiding us and bringing us together to work as a team”

“In Spain we have this expression for artists: “tener duende”, which refers to someone who has a special talent, something like “having a soul”. This talent is magic and authentic, and usually the artist is not aware of it. Having this in mind, I think we can all agree that from minute 1, we all knew that Žiga is one of the few who definitely has duende.”

“The kitchen in Casa Nicola became a place without time. A place where ingredient and the flavours had top priority. Doing things the right way, appreciating the details, even if it takes some more time. Sounds like a good way of living. Why not to start this process in the kitchen?”

“The man of many talents. His food takes me on a culinary journey and I love being spoilt with different cuisine every night. He is also an amazing musician and a caring person. Irreplaceable!”

“In the first day he amazed us with his outstanding talent in the kitchen, but during the week he just impressed us even more with his skills as musician and especially as a human, such an extraordinary person!”

“Without Žiga, The Thinking Musician 2018 would not have been the same experience for me. He cooks and plays from the heart, always welcoming anybody in the kitchen to help out and learn. He is a wonderful musician who I respect so much.”

“Although it may be difficult to put into words every scent and flavour of his creative and tasty cooking, what we like the most of Žiga is that he is willing to think outside the boundaries of national recipes and create something completely new and pleasantly unexpected”
(Lucilla and Ariel)

“Žiga is a wonderful person and a miraculous cook.”

“Žiga is a multi-artist, because everything he does is with love and precision, at the same time complete improvisations. He is one of the most creative, hardworking, generous and inspiring musician, cook and an human beings I have met.”