Kasia Szychowska | Krzysztof Pleśniak | Mark Maclaine


Kasia Szychowska holds a law degree of the University of Lodz (Poland) and of the Free University of Brussels (Belgium). Since 2011 she has been serving as legal secretary to judges of the General Court of the European Union. Before joining the Court, she was a practising lawyer and member of Brussels Bar. She teaches EU judicial procedures at the University of Brussels. Kasia is a keen mountaineer, runner and reader and since November 2018 mum of little Stefan.

Graduate of the Law Faculty at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Krzysztof Pleśniak is a legal counsel. Since 2004 official in the European Institutions. As from 2008, member of the Legal Service of the Council of the EU. As from 1 March 2017, member of the cabinet of Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston at the Court of Justice of EU. As from 1 December 2018, member of the cabinet of Vice-President of the General Court of EU, Marc Van Der Woude.

Main fields of professional interest: EU constitutional law, EU tax law, civil service law, (former) second and third pillars of EU law (Schengen acquis, asylum, police cooperation, exchange of personal data, EU criminal law, etc.).

Married to Kasia, father of Stefan, polyglot (PL, FR, EN, IT, DE, ES, RU), in love with Europe, its art and culture, notably its cinematography, passionate about high mountains, skiing, wines and the bridge game.

Mark Maclaine

Mark Maclaine is an entrepreneur, producer, super tutor, writer and director. From an early age Mark was drawn to the bass guitar, playing professionally with a number of London-based bands from the age of 16. Over time, he moved more into music production, and co-founded UK Hip-Hop label Dented Records. Throughout his 20s, he trained with some of the best known producers in the world, whilst still writing and touring with his band Second Person. 

Having initially studied Physics with Computer Science at degree, Mark had worked for some time as a private tutor, teaching Maths and Sciences. His unique style of teaching and approachable manner meant he soon became hugely sort-after as an educator: being flown all over the world teaching the children of royal families and movie stars. Mark became one of the best known ‘super tutors’ and has since co-founded two education technology companies, including the hugely successful Tutorfair.com.

During his early 30s, he continued to balance his work in education with music, and in time also fell in love with the process of movie-making. After having completed a film degree: Mark found himself working as a composer, then editor, and eventually writing and directing his own projects. He became the head of Sound and Music at the Extreme Sports Channel and worked on a number of film projects, including directing three number one music videos. After directing his first feature-length project in New York, Mark decided to move back to writing movies, as this gave him more flexibility to work on his other projects. 

Currently Mark has just finished writing a book on one-on-one education, and is developing a set of training courses for teachers based the neuroscience of learning and his own experience. He works with a number of education charities and still makes time to teach Maths and Science himself, saying “it’s my favourite thing to do of all”.